Island Hall Wedding Photographer

Island Hall Wedding Photographer

Island Hall Wedding Photographer

Intimate Wedding – Azeeta & Andrew

Azeeta and Andrew were married at the beautiful Island Hall wedding venue in Cambridgeshire. They had booked me literally the week before and the first time I met them was their wedding day!

Island Hall is a total hidden gem. It’s tucked away on a quite high street, looking deceptively like a normal house. When you step inside however, it’s full of history and exquisite decor. Not to mention the fact that it’s set in 3 acres of gardens and has it’s own private island in the Great River Ouse.

Azeeta and Andrew’s wedding was a small, intimate affair with only 7 guests. The ceremony was held in the maroon velvet lined Saloon whilst the wedding breakfast was served in the Stone Flagged Hall. Afterwards, there was tea on the lawn and some outdoor games including a bit of archery.

All in all, it was a really lovely day.



Event Photography for the 4CWA

Event Photography for the 4CWA

Event Photography for the 4CWA

At the end of November I had the honour of being the official event photographer for the 4 Counties Wedding Awards (4CWA) Gala 2018. The gala was held at Knebworth Barns. It was the biggest event I have ever photographed!


Tracy Butterfield at 4CWA

For those of you who are not in the wedding industry or familiar with 4CWA, they were established 4 years ago by the lovely Tracy Butterfield from Appleby Events. With each year the 4 Counties wedding community has grown and with each year we see some amazing suppliers in the group.

Tracy is also the founder of Wedx, which offers training courses and workshops, nationally, for Wedding Professionals. In 2018, Tracy joined NAWP (National Association of Wedding Professionals) as Director of Development.

The night of the awards ceremony had an ‘interesting’ start for me. Thanks to Google maps my 1 hour journey had turned into 2 hours as I was taken on a magical mystery tour through Stevenage and to a dead end in the deepest, darkest woods I had ever been to. The road was so narrow I had to do an 8 point turn to get out. I eventually made it with an hour to spare.


The gala was held in the marquee behind the barns. As I walked in I was greeted with a beautiful winter wonderland. The hundreds of lights above looked like the stars in the night sky. The tables were adorned with crystal chandeliers and frosted trees. It almost felt like you were walking through a winter forest at night.

By 7pm, guests had started to arrive. All amazing suppliers of the wedding industry looking fabulous as they had ‘dressed to impress’

The night started off well with entertainment from Naomi Flow and her led hula hoop performance, some fabulous magic from Luke Clough Magician and some great music from Sam Lewis Band.

Tracy opened the awards with a thank you to everyone for their support and heart warming introduction to Naomi Thomas, founder of the Wishing Well Foundation. The charity has one single purpose and that is to organise and fund weddings for terminally ill people who want to get married. Naomi, herself, is truly inspirational. She was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer back in 2009, but she is still going strong and still gives her all to helping other people achieve their dreams.

After a gorgeous dinner of goats cheese and red onion tart, chicken with dauphinoise potatoes and a warm chocolate brownie, the night was concluded with some very well deserved awards.

A huge congratulations to all the award winners!  The full list of the 2018 winners can be found here. 

The full gallery can be viewed here. In the meantime take a look at the gala highlights from Movies by Mischke.

To book me for your event, get in touch using the contact form.

How Do I Preserve My Wedding Bouquet?

How Do I Preserve My Wedding Bouquet?

How Do I Preserve My Wedding Bouquet?

All year you have planning and bringing to life that one special day. You’ve done it. You said your ‘I do’s’ and now you are beginning your journey together as a married couple. But what do you do with the things that are left? Those precious moments from the day are captured in your wedding photos. Your dress can be packed away, but did you ask yourself “How do I preserve my wedding bouquet?”

Answer: with a stunning botanical illustration from Charlotte Argyrou Illustration.


Hello! Who are you? Tell me about yourself

I am a botanical illustrator, wife, and mother living in Greenwich, south east London. I like wine, chips, cinema, fabulous clothes and long summer evenings. In my downtime, you’ll find me reading thriller novels, self-development books or Vogue. I value health, family, and friends above all else. My last meal would be lobster linguine sat by the sea, followed by something ludicrously chocolatey.

What is your business and when did you start?

I launched my business in October 2017 as a way to channel my creativity and passions in a way that works around a hectic and ever-changing family life. I sell my own work as art prints, take commissions, work in partnerships with brands, and I offer a Wedding Bouquet Illustration Service. I love helping brides to preserve their bouquet in a way that fits into the contemporary home, unlike a dusty old bunch of dried flowers. My illustrations are vintage-inspired, nostalgic, and intensely-detailed and sit beautifully within a gallery wall of wedding photographs.

What made you set up your own business?

I was standing in the queue for the cashier at Marks & Spencer. My (then) three-year-old daughter said, “But Mummy, how are we going to pay when Daddy’s not here.” It hit me really hard. I had always been financially independent until the point I had been pregnant with her. I knew I had to create something for myself that could grow alongside my children. Something that energised and inspired me. Something I could do from home, so that I could still be the primary caregiver. My former career was no longer viable (too much travel, too many late nights). I looked inwards and realised it was a long-standing secret passion for illustration that must be rekindled and monitized.

What did you do before you became a botannical illustrator?

For ten years, I worked as a publicist at one of the world’s leading brand strategy agencies, with their fashion division. My clients were high fashion menswear and womenswear brands and Haute Couturiers in Paris. I worked hands-on with some of the most beautiful clothing you could ever imagine, in collaboration with press and celebrities to maximise brand exposure in a thoughtful, strategic and impactful way. One of my particular specialisms was creating guestlists for fashion events, which included fashion shows in New York, Milan, Paris and London, as well as store launches, managing paparazzi, and I was honoured to manage the guestlist for the memorial of Lee Alexander McQueen at St Paul’s Cathedral. My studio space is upstairs at home, and also houses the over-spill of the wardrobe from my previous life. My passion for fashion and interiors filters into my illustration work, and I’m so thankful that bringing nature into our homes is finally en vogue.

What inspires you?

I’m greatly inspired by the beauty of nature, by colours and textures, by the simultaneous complexities and simplicity of the natural world. But I am by no means someone who enjoys roughing it in the great outdoors. I am inspired by high fashion, and eagerly anticipate the seasonal runways shows. My passion for trends extends into interior design and decor, and I think that is part of the reason I love to create meaningful artwork for my customers. I think in colour, and curate a home environment that inspires my personal development and creative fulfillment. And of course, I’m also inspired by my husband and two daughters Aurelia and Evanthe, who entertain and exhaust me in equal measure.

What words best describe you?

I am a floral-obsessed-high-heel-wearing-lipstick-fanatic who loves to laugh and chat. I am positive, sarcastic, enthusiastic and a little dramatic. I am a worrier, an overthinker, and I battle anxieties on a daily basis. My friends describe me as ambitious, hard-working and fiercely loyal.

What do you love most about your job?

When I receive testimonials from my bridal clients, I often think “Is this really happening?” They make me laugh and cry, sometimes in sheer disbelief. I think my favourite was “possibly the most amazing gift I’ve ever received.” But I was also touched by a customer who wrote, “You are incredibly talented and skilled and should know that you are using those attributes to bring joy to others.” I love that I have the ability to make other people feel this way, purely using a untrained talent I have only recently rediscovered.

What is the hardest part of your job?

Changing the blade on my cutting knife that I use for mounting artwork. I hate it and sometimes fear I’m going to die. You have to hold the handle in one hand and the blade in the other, then push with the blade facing your wrist. I also despise anything to do with making insurance claims through lost post with Royal Mail. But these minor annoyances are nothing compared to the freedom and fulfillment my business offers me and my family.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

I am currently taking part in a business success course, alongside Maya Kemp and a bunch of other amazing, courageous, talented female entrepreneurs, hosted by coach Faye Cornhill. Windows and doors of opportunity are opening, both in terms of my mindset and the direction of my business. I have some partnerships with bloggers and influencers coming up, which I am excited to reveal. My “wedding season” is naturally behind other suppliers’, as I take on clients after they have declared “I do” – so this will mean I will be drawing intensely through the Autumn. And I’ve also started to be approached by lifestyle brands about creating artwork for them, which is a side of my business I am keen to expand, as it offers variety and endless possibilities. My big goal is to develop a homewares collection, to include my illustrations on ceramics and soft furnishings – all once my children are in school.

Where can we find you?

INSTA @craftist_in_residence
FB Charlotte Argyrou Illustration