6 Reasons Why You Should Book a Pre Wedding Shoot

6 Reasons Why You Should Book a Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding shoots – what are they? and why should you book one?

Lots of photographers these days are offering pre wedding shoots or engagement shoots. I like to call mine couples shoots, because they are about you as a couple whether you are already married or engaged or just want some really lovely memories of you as a couple.


What is a couple’s shoot?

A couple’s shoot is a 1.5 hour photo session with two of you and me. It’s completely casual and I normally do them 3-6 months before your wedding day.

I think they are really important part of your wedding journey and here are some reasons why:


1) It’s an opportunity to get to know your photographer

As I tell all my couples, I am the only one your suppliers that will be with you for the whole of your wedding day, so a couples shoot becomes a bit of a bonding session for us.

It’s important that you feel comfortable enough with me to be able to come and talk to me and ask for certain shots on the day if you want them. The last thing I would want is for you to go away from your wedding wishing you had asked for a photo of you and your great Uncle Paul, but you felt awkward asking me.

A couple’s shoot is also a good way for you to get comfortable with my style of shooting and a chance for me to gauge how affectionate you are with each other, or not in some cases!


 2) A chance to practice ‘posing as a couple’

I don’t ask my couples to pose as such, but there may be certain ways that I might ask you stand or sit. For some people this can feel awkward and unnatural. So think of this as a practice run for your wedding day.

 3) It’s fun!

Some of my couples have children and don’t often get the opportunity to have some time to do something fun together. Your couples shoot a chance to spend some time together laughing and chatting and generally having some ‘couples time’

4) Some art for your walls

How great would it be to have some beautiful professional photos of the two to put on your walls? Some of my couples have also used their photos for their Save The Date cards.

5) Test out your hair and make-up trial

What a fantastic opportunity to test out your hair and make up before the big day. Get your trial done mid-morning/afternoon and let’s get outside for gorgeous golden hour photos

6) Complete your love story

If you are ordering an album, your couples shoot is an amazing addition to make it something more than just your wedding album


If you are thinking of having a couples shoot, get in touch using the contact form.