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Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Let’s get personal…

I’m Maya. Part romantic, part rebel, I’m a woman with two sides to her.

My dark side embraces the raw beauty of true love.  The evocative, the meaningful, the depth of authentic emotion.  She’s all about those heady moments.  She pursues passion.

My light side is soulful and sophisticated.  Timeless tales taken in the most magnificent light, all appreciated through a fine art filter.  Elegance is the order of the day.  She’s all about those heart-filled moments.  She pursues love.

I understand that more than one side makes up a woman and more than one dimension makes for a photographer that can capture every angle and each emotion.

My couples are seeking photography with a personal touch, embracing natural moments and an abundance of creative beauty.  I promise to turn up, to be trusted and to create a time capsule of your all-important commitment.  But most of all I promise to capture your contrasts, seeing your romance from every side.